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Your Library Card

To get a free Kearny Library card, you must be

Proof of address (a driver's license, postmarked mail, etc.) and identification are required. For a child's card, proof of address in the name of the parent or guardian is required. The fee for those not eligible for a free card is $20/year.

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Material Limit* Duration Renewal Limit**
20 2 weeks 2
Audiobooks 4 2 weeks 2
Magazines 4 1 week 0
Videos/DVD)† 3-4‡ 2 days 0

Computer Use in Adult computer area

1.   Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2.  Computer sessions are 1 hour.  Users may sign up for a maximum of 2 sessions per day (2 sessions only, even if only part of the hour is used).  Use is limited to 1 person per station (except at the discretion of a librarian.) 

3.  Users may save to a floppy disk (available for $1.00 per disk), or USB flash drive, or may print their work (10 cents per page).  Work saved to the hard drive will be deleted.

4.  Children may use the computers in the adult section from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. ONLY, and ONLY with special permission from the staff.
5.  CD ROMs may be used on library computers as long as there is no downloading to the hard drive.

6.  Staff can provide limited assistance for basic start-up procedures and cannot provide extensive individual training. 

7.  Users shall not add, delete, or modify hardware or software and shall be liable for damages they cause.

8.  Cell phones are not allowed in the computer area.

9.  Users shall not engage in any illegal activity on the Internet.  Violators of local, state or federal laws will be prosecuted.

10.  Computers are located in a public setting.  Therefore, users shall not use the Internet in a way that disturbs or interferes with other users, or with employees or operations of the library.

11.  The Internet may contain inaccurate or controversial materials.  The  Library is not responsible for information found on the Internet.

12.  The library reserves the right to terminate computer use and suspend the computer privileges of anyone who violates computer or library rules.

Kearny Public Library reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. June 15, 2005  

Fines for Overdue Materials

Material Fine per Day per Item Maximum Fine per Item
$0.10 $5.00
Paperback $0.10 $1.00
Magazine $0.10 $3.00
Video/DVD $1.00 $5.00

Miscellaneous Fees/Fines

Description Amount
Lost library card replacement $1.00
Photocopy $0.15/page
Computer printout $0.10/page
Floppy Disk (for saving computer work) $1.00 ea.

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